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When I reflect on my employability and career progression to date, I have to credit my friends.

Thanks to my friend Damani, I pursued a Master's degree in International Development and Gender Studies – a subject I didn't even know existed before Damani mentioned it to me. And I have to credit my friend Claire, for helping me land my first job, once I had completed my postgraduate studies. It was Claire's tips on how to write a compelling support statement that enabled me to secure an interview for my first "proper job" after university.

Although, admittedly, it has been quite a while since I was a student, I still work in the higher education sector, and therefore benefit from having a fly-on-the-wall view of today's students. Whilst careers services have developed considerably over the last decade, and are more accessible and inclusive than when I was a student, I don't think the behaviour of my younger, student-self is very different to that of today's students. Just as I did 16 years ago, many of today's students still seem to turn to their peers as their first port of call, to get all kinds of advice and support (even if they have highly qualified and experienced careers advisers to hand). Why? Quite simply, they trust their peers, and relate best to them.

It is for this reason that the SKILLS ON TAP team has developed a new job profiles section within our free, employability-boosting digital learning resource. Within this new section, students can now search for work opportunities which match their skills and strengths, and most importantly, find out – directly from placement students and graduate employees – what it is like working in a range of roles, companies, and industries. The students and graduates featured as case studies also act as fantastic role models to our student users, as they provide excellent advice for their peers. For a sneak preview of our job profiles section, after registering for a free account, visit the 'My Future' tab, and enter search terms relating to your strongest skillset.

Accessible on any internet-enabled mobile device, laptop, or PC, SKILLS ON TAP is a free, digital learning resource which educators and careers advisers can use in the classroom, when they need to support their students to reflect on their employability in a fun and engaging way. Students are also able to use it at home on their own, when they want to take some time out to explore what they are good at, and what kind of jobs they could do with that skillset.

Calling all graduate employers and recruiters! Partner with us!

Over the next two months, the SKILLS ON TAP team will be populating this new section with many more job profiles. If you would like to showcase one of your dynamic placement students or recently graduated employees in our job profiles database, then please get in touch ( With registered users from over 30 universities, it is a great way to reach out to a diverse range of students, whilst building your employer brand. By becoming one of our partners, together we can inform and inspire today's students about tomorrow's opportunities, and better shape their future.