Our New Business Model

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Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Steve Blank, famously said, ‘No plan survives first contact with customers’. Whilst the feedback from The Thrive Effect’s new digital platform has been really encouraging, I have taken a moment to revisit our business model and reposition slightly.

I am delighted to announce that The Thrive Effect is a purpose-led membership organisation for female founders in Sussex who want to grow a thriving small business.

Whilst any founder or business supporter can access The Thrive Effect’s digital platform for free, if you are a female founder or a business supporter in Sussex who would like to raise your business profile and expand your network, then you are invited to become a Thrive+ member for £60 per year. To find out about all the benefits of becoming a Thrive+ member, visit: www.thethriveeffect.co.uk/thriveplusmembership/