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She Rebel Radio is a community-driven podcast dedicated to helping high-performing women leaders unlearn conventional rules, leave prestigious careers and launch businesses of significance. Host Lulu Minns - one of our Thrive+ members - knows that leaving your prison of prestige to do something of significance is a tough call... in fact, it takes ovaries of steel! 

With a background in sociology, criminology and women's leadership, Lulu spent 11 years as a criminal defence advocate and over 20 years studying human behaviour and the societal structures that hold people back. 

Unique to her industry, Lulu used this knowledge to become an advocate and coach for her entrepreneurial clients, supporting them as they translate the value they've built in their careers into daring entrepreneurial success stories. An activist for the feminine, Lulu has built an engaged fellowship of ambitious women and helped them learn to break the rules by leading from their feminine presence.

To listen to previous episodes of Lulu’s She Rebel Radio, go to: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/she-rebel-radio/id1480155620

To find out more about Lulu Minns, read her business directory entry in ‘My Network’ on our digital platform and visit her website: https://luluminns.com