The Thrive Community Continues to Meet Up Online

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On the evening of Wednesday, 25 March, following the structure of the face-to-face Thrive Meetups I host, I brought together 25 female founders and women in business for our first Online Thrive Meetup on Zoom!

First, we learnt from the fantastic Lyndsey Segal, Founder of Heads-up Coaching, about 'How to Be More Productive'. The timing of this talk was (unfortunately) perfect, as many business owners are currently working out their new routines now they are working from home (along with additional caring responsibilities, in some cases). Lyndsey expertly taught us the importance of scheduling in time for 'deep work' and 'shallow work' and shared some fantastic techniques and tools to help us schedule our workload better.

After, I used the 'Breakout Rooms’ function on Zoom to split the attendees into smaller groups for our tried-and-tested peer support sessions. During these sessions, we had the opportunity to share our business challenges and find solutions for each other. 

Having visited the different peer support sessions during the course of the evening, on this particular occasion, the attendees were facing four common challenges: 

1. Pricing Strategy: Should business owners change their pricing strategies during the pandemic?

2. Marketing Strategy: How should founders market their businesses during the global crisis?

3. Learning Overwhelm: There are lots of opportunities to learn from home at the moment enabling founders to develop personally and professionally. Which areas of learning should business owners concentrate on?

4. Time Management: How can founders manage their time effectively - and balance childcare and work commitments in some cases - during the lockdown?

Our first Online Thrive Meetup was certainly a 'learning by doing' experiment but it seemed to pay off! The feedback was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who attended, as well as to Karen Stenning, Founder of Absolute Alchemy, whose valuable support as Co-Host kept me calm throughout the event.

During the pandemic, we will be hosting Online Thrive Meetups every fortnight (on the second Tuesday and the last Wednesday of the month). To find out about our upcoming Online Thrive Meetups, go to ‘Our Events' page: