Building Our Personal and Business Resilience as Female Founders

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Over the past 10 months, we have had to adapt personally and professionally, and our resilience has been pushed to the limit. And this new lockdown will, once again, test those limits as well as our patience.

Some of my habits and behaviours have changed during the pandemic. Has that been the case for you?

What strategies have you used to build your resilience - either in a personal context or in a business context? 

Here are my five top strategies for building my personal and business resilience:

- Early on in the pandemic, my dad told me to set smaller and more achievable goals, as we aren’t living in “normal” circumstances. I appreciated his advice which I have since put into practice. Now, I always have a clear vision in my mind which I break down into bite-size, short-term goals - goals which stretch me, but which can be achieved quickly, so I can witness my progress.

- I have tested out new ways of doing things - I have innovated! In addition to transferring my activities online, I have innovated new events (such as the Huddles and the RE-DEFINED Conference), and am in the process of developing some new learning materials. Don’t underestimate the power of innovation - You don’t have to come up with completely new ways of doing things, you could just incrementally improve your existing products and services. The benefit of innovation is that it can enable you to build your competitive edge and generate additional revenue streams. 

- I actively pursue new learning opportunities. We are spoilt for choice at the moment, when it comes to online learning! I have used the past 10 months to read more and attend a variety of online courses. I have particularly enjoyed attending Hatch events, and have also subscribed to YouTube channels such as The Futur, Harvard Business Review and Philip VanDusen.  

- I am not afraid to turn to my support network for personal and professional advice - with topics including home-schooling tips, tagine recipes, binge-worthy Netflix series, and my business goals.

- I have reflected on my strengths and played to those. It can seem uncomfortable at first to reflect on what makes you great. (This is something we discussed at a recent Thrive Meetup with Business Doctor, Sandra Murphy). If you are struggling to identify your greatness, ask your peers what they think your strengths are. Then, harness those strengths in all that you do, which, in turn, will help you to build your competitive edge.

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