‘Screw It. Just Do It’. And Other Top Advice from Leading Techpreneurs

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At last week’s Thrive & Brighton Eagle Lab Female Founders Business Brunchin’ event, 43 female founders and women in business came together to learn from Katie Riddoch and Lindsay Willott - two inspiring female entrepreneurs making waves in the UK tech industry.

Katie Riddoch, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Crossfader, recounted her business journey to date, since Crossfader first came to life in 2014. Katie reflected on how the company’s super-power and mission - to inspire and educate people to become better DJs - has enabled them to become the world’s leading online DJ school and community. 

Having quickly gained over 100,000 YouTube subscribers in one year, and with over 6000 students in 120 countries, Katie shared how her sales have tripled since the start of the pandemic, and what her future plans are for developing her team, the Crossfader app, and the Crossfader community. 

My favourite advice from Katie was:

‘Don’t compare yourself to others. Just stay in your lane’. Katie advised us to not worry about our competitors, and recommended that we concentrate on delivering value to our customers, rather than getting anxious about competition. 

‘Find your voice and be authentic’. When asked about how to overcome the fear of being filmed, Katie advised that if we remain authentic and are ourselves, our videos and messaging will resonate with others.

‘Screw It. Just do it’. Katie’s story highlighted the importance of getting your ideas to market without hesitation, and she encouraged us all to pursue our ideas without procrastinating - whatever stage we are at along our entrepreneurial journeys. 

Our second speaker was Lindsay Willlott, serial entrepreneur and Founder of Customer Thermometer. Lindsay shared her impressive journey starting, growing, and selling two businesses - first, The Marketing Practice, and more recently, Customer Thermometer.

Lindsay successfully scaled Customer Thermometer to a point where their customer survey software is now in over 150 countries. This, in turn, has earned the company multiple awards, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

Lindsay highlighted the importance of giving customers value and content to keep them excited and engaged with our brands - of particular importance to subscription-based business models, but relevant to all types of business.

Lindsay shared plenty of actionable takeaways for us to apply in our own businesses. Below are some of my favourite quotes from her:

‘Until your product hits market, you don’t really know if it will work’. Similar to Katie, Lindsay recommended that we shouldn’t get distracted by writing lengthy business plans, and that we should simply give our ideas a go (where possible), and see what happens.

‘Ask your customers to buy it [your product/service] now’. Lindsay advised against pursuing traditional market research practices, and suggested that we ask potential customers to buy our products/services with “real money” i.e. not just ask for a commitment to buy something from us in the future.

’Be as remarkable as possible. Customer service and community can be more important than sales’. Lindsay also invited us to think about all that we do as businesses, and explore how we can make all our interactions with our customers amazing.

Friday’s brunch was absolutely packed with top advice from Katie and Lindsay, and I am struggling to fit it all in here! But, hopefully the advice I have chosen to share above, will give you a taster of what was discussed, and can also act as food for thought in your own businesses.

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