About Us

Clare Griffiths, Founder of The Thrive Effect
Photo credit: Victoria Dawe Photography

Our mission

Thrive is a social enterprise, specialising in business support provision, which is based in Brighton, operating across Sussex and beyond.

We are on a mission is to equip female founders and women in business with the knowledge, connections and confidence they need to grow a resilient, small business - whatever their growth ambitions.

Our values

We pride ourselves on following a “no bullshit” approach to business support. We design and deliver practical business support which is inspiring, informative and accessible to a diverse community of female founders and women in business.

Unlike many networks and business support programmes. we do not operate a membership model. Therefore, you can access all our events and business support on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. Our business model ensures that we are accessible to all.

Our purpose

Through our work, we intend to boost female entrepreneurship in the UK by increasing the number of female-led small businesses so that it is at least equal to the number of male-led small businesses. In 2018, only 17% of SMEs with employees were led by women and 23% of SMEs without employees were led by women (Parliament UK, 2019).

Our founder

Thrive is founded by Clare Griffiths, an award-winning entrepreneurship educator, business support practitioner, and social entrepreneur who has over 18 years of experience offering business support and advice to start-ups and growing ventures from a range of industries in London and the South East.

She is a Fellow of the International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme, and has received a national award for her work by Enterprise Educators UK. Clare has a Master's degree in Women, Gender and Development during which she studied how economic and social policy affects men and women differently in the context of international development. Clare loves to study, and also has a Master's degree in Applied Professional Research during which she researched into the innovation skills and entrepreneurial mindset needed for innovating within small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

She is a female founder herself, having run a number of small businesses during the past 18 years.

Support our work and help female founders and women in business across Sussex and beyond.