About Us

Clare Griffiths, Founder and Chief Enabler of The Thrive Effect

Our Mission

The Thrive Effect is a purpose-led membership organisation in Sussex which creates practical learning resources, networking opportunities and events for female founders and women in business. Our mission is to give female founders and women in business the inspiration, knowledge and connections they need to grow a thriving small business.

We have created a digital platform (www.thethriveeffect.co.uk) containing inspirational interviews, high-quality learning materials, a skills audit tool and a business directory “with a human touch” and a private, peer support community on LinkedIn.

We host a monthly Thrive Meetup group in Brighton (with over 630 members), and we plan to create new groups in other towns and cities across Sussex over the next 12 months with the support of our Thrive+ members.

Our Social Purpose

As a social enterprise, our purpose is to boost female entrepreneurship in the UK by increasing the number of female-led small businesses so that it is at least equal to the number of male-led small businesses.

Our Vision

By 2025, we want to have supported over 10,000 women in business via our digital learning platform and events.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on following a “no bullshit” approach to business support.

We deliver practical business support which is inspiring, informative and accessible to a diverse range of female founders. We are proactive, and most importantly, authentic.

Our Uniqueness

- Our digital platform (including our learning materials, skills audit tool and business directory) is free to access and offers practical information and guidance for female founders and women in business.

- All our work is informed by our experience as business support practitioners, business owners and entrepreneurship educators. 

- On our platform, you won't find any mention of 'side hustles' or 'girls in business'. Why? Because we find these terms derogatory to women. Our job is to give female founders and women in business the inspiration, knowledge and connections they need to grow a small business - whatever their business ambitions.

Our Team

The Thrive Effect is founded by Clare Griffiths, an award-winning entrepreneurship educator who has 16 years of experience offering business support and advice to start-ups and growing ventures from a range of industries in London and the South East. She is also a female founder herself, having created a number of ventures during the past 16 years.

Clare is supported by two fantastic associates: Lau Moracchini, our Digital Content Creator and Alastair MacKenzie, our Web Developer.

Join us

If you like what we do, and are interested in joining us on our mission to boost female entrepreneurship in the UK, please visit our Support Our Work page to find out how you can get involved or contact us directly.