About Us

Clare Griffiths, Founder and Chief Enabler of The Thrive Effect
Photo credit: Victoria Dawe Photography

The Thrive Effect is a membership-based, business support organisation in Brighton & Sussex. We create inspiring events and workshops, practical learning resources and powerful networking opportunities for female founders and women in business.

We host monthly Thrive Meetup groups in Brighton and Hassocks (800+ members) and are expanding to other towns and cities across Sussex with the support of Thrive+ members.

Our interactive, expert workshops provide hands-on, practical support to small groups who benefit from a deeper analysis of their business.

Join for free and access a digital platform with inspirational interviews, high-quality learning materials, a skills audit tool and a business directory “with a human touch”.

Upgrade to Thrive+ to promote your business, expand your network, become an expert contributor and access a private LinkedIn group.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to give female founders and women in business the inspiration, knowledge and connections they need to build a business that lasts.

As a social enterprise, our purpose is to boost female entrepreneurship in the UK by increasing the number of female-led small businesses so that it is at least equal to the number of male-led small businesses. By 2025, we aim to have supported over 10,000 women in business via our digital learning platform and events.

We pride ourselves on following a “no bullshit” approach to business support. We deliver practical business support which is inspiring, informative and accessible to a diverse range of female founders and women in business. We are proactive, and most importantly, authentic.

Our Team

The Thrive Effect is founded by Clare Griffiths, an award-winning entrepreneurship educator who has 16 years of experience offering business support and advice to start-ups and growing ventures from a range of industries in London and the South East. She is a female founder herself, having created a number of ventures during the past 16 years.

Clare is supported by two fantastic associates: Lau Moracchini, our Digital Content Creator and David Philippe, our Web Developer.

Support our work and help female founders and women in business across Brighton & Sussex.