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Cuba, an honorary guest (with Issue 1 of Thrive) at our Thrive Meetup in June 2018

What is The Thrive Effect?

The Thrive Effect is a purpose-led membership organisation in Sussex which creates practical learning resources, networking opportunities and events for female founders and women in business. Our mission is to give female founders and women in business the inspiration, knowledge and connections they need to grow a thriving small business.

Originally starting out as a print magazine based in Brighton, The Thrive Effect has now transformed into a digital platform to expand its reach and impact on more female founders and women in business across Sussex and beyond. On our digital platform, you will find an ever-growing range of learning resources, a skills audit tool, a business directory “with a human touch” and - for our Thrive+ members - a private, peer support community on LinkedIn.

In June 2018, alongside our magazine work, we set up a monthly Thrive Meetup group in Brighton for female founders and women in business to meet in person, make new connections and help solve each other’s business challenges. This group now has over 630 members, and over the next 12 months, with the help of our Thrive+ members, we plan to create new Meetup groups in other towns and cities across Sussex. If you are interested in setting up a Thrive Meetup group in your local town or city, please contact us.

Who founded The Thrive Effect?

The Thrive Effect was founded by Clare Griffiths, an award-winning entrepreneurship educator and business adviser with over 16 years of experience supporting individuals to start and grow their own small businesses and social enterprises.

Clare is on a mission to boost female entrepreneurship. Via the work of The Thrive Effect, Clare intends to increase the start-up and survival rates of female-led small businesses in the UK, so that the number of female-led small businesses is at least equal to the number of male-led small businesses.

How can I use The Thrive Effect to boost my business knowledge, skills and confidence?

The Thrive Effect digital platform can boost your business knowledge, skills and confidence in a number of ways. You can read, download and print our resources (which are organised into the five stages of the venture development process: Explore, Test, Start, Refine and Grow) to help you make improvements to the small business in which you work – whatever stage you are at along your entrepreneurial journey.

You can also use our skills audit tool to help you identify your strengths and areas for potential professional development.

Does it cost me anything to access The Thrive Effect’s digital platform?

No. It doesn't cost you anything to access our platform. All you need to do is register a free account. Once you have created your account, you are welcome to read, download and print our learning materials, carry out a skills audit and visit our business directory.

If you are a Sussex-based female founder, woman in business or a business supporter (a ‘business supporter’ is a business adviser, consultant, accountant, solicitor, business coach, digital marketer, co-working space manager, or membership organisation etc.), you are welcome to become a Thrive+ member.

Once you have signed up as a Thrive+ member for an annual fee of £60, you will be able to feature in our business directory, write an article, interview or learning material for our Resources section, talk at one of the Thrive meetups, brunches or workshops, join our private, peer support community on LInkedIn, ask The Thrive Effect team to connect you with relevant people and organisations outside your current network and make announcements in our weekly e-bulletin etc.

What devices can I use to access The Thrive Effect?

The Thrive Effect is a mobile-friendly website, so you can use it on any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC with internet connection. The Thrive Effect digital platform is accessible via this URL: https://www.thethriveffect.co.uk

It is useful to bookmark The Thrive Effect and add it to your home screen. This will make it easier for you to access next time you want to read our resources, update your skills audit or browse our business directory.

Do you share my personal information with any of your partners or third parties?

No. All the information we collect from you is stored securely on a password-protected database. We do not give away, or sell, any of this information to third parties. Any information we collect from you is for our own data collection purposes, so we know who is using our digital platform. For further details, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

I have a question for The Thrive Effect team. What should I do?

If you have any questions or feedback about our work, please contact us directly. We always aim to respond to your message within 72 hours.