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Screenshot from Thrive Brunch December 2020

Our Female Founders Business Brunchin' Event in partnership with Barclays Eagle Lab, December 2020.

'Highly practical, informative and motivating' – that’s how Thrive members describe our events.

Our mission is to boost the knowledge, connections and confidence of female founders, social entrepreneurs and women in business, so that they can grow a resilient, small business - whatever their growth ambitions.

Our popular events and business support initiatives are informed by our experience as business support practitioners, business owners and entrepreneurship educators.

Our pricing strategy is based on a Pay-As-You-Go model (i.e. there is no membership fee to pay).

Thrive Meetup - Wednesday, 26 January

Our Online Festive Thrive Meetup is on Wednesday, 26 January from 6pm until 8pm on Zoom.

The Thrive Meetup consists of three parts: REFLECT, LEARN and GROW.

During the REFLECT section, I will share with you a business tool which will help you develop a fresh vision for your business, along with some specific action to take in order to realise that vision.

During the LEARN section, I will be talking to Andreea Sandu, High Performance Coach, during our fireside chat, to discuss goal-setting and productivity. Andreea helps entrepreneurs and leaders improve their productivity, influencing skills, and confidence. She's an ex-Software Engineer and has worked for corporations like Microsoft and Amazon in both leading and individual contributor positions. Wanting to have more impact, she decided to move into entrepreneurship, and started multiple ventures including a profitable fitness blog, an online yoga studio, and a coaching practice. Andreea’s also in the process of publishing her first book.

During the GROW section, I will facilitate small, breakout groups, so that you are able to grow your network and meet other like-minded female founders.

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