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Our Female Founders Business Brunchin' Event in partnership with Barclays Eagle Lab, December 2019. 
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'Highly practical, informative and motivating' – that’s how Thrive members describe our events.

Come along and access the practical support you need to grow your business. You won't find any mention of 'side hustles', 'girls in business' or shady ‘earn from home’ schemes.

Our mission is to bring together female founders and women in business the knowledge, connections and resilience they need to grow a healthy, small business - whatever their growth ambitions.

Our popular events and business support initiatives are informed by our experience as business support practitioners, business owners and entrepreneurship educators.

Thrive Meetups

At our next Online Thrive Meetup, on Wednesday, 27 January from 6pm until 8pm, Lulu Minns, Founder of the She Rebel Radio Podcast and an award-winning coach and advocate, will lead a practical and insightful session on ‘How to Find Confidence in Your Business During Times of Uncertainty’.

Through a thought-provoking talk, reflective exercises and group discussions, Lulu will equip us with the skills and tools to:

- Identify limiting beliefs related to the pandemic;
- Utilise a positive mindset during uncertain times;
- Cultivate confidence in our intuition and body wisdom.

Before and after Lulu's session, you will also have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with other female founders and women in business.

If you are tired of the more “traditional” networking activities, then join us at a Thrive Meetup to feel the benefit of being part of an extremely supportive community of female founders and women in business.

Women who attend our Thrive Meetups tell us our meetups are 'inspirational', 'informative' and 'a great place to make new connections'.

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Thrive Huddles

Our online Thrive Huddles are action learning sets for small groups of female founders and women in business (maximum six people). During two hours, six female founders work in small groups known as 'sets'. At each action learning set, two Thrive members confidentially share their business challenges. Expertly facilitated by Clare Griffiths, Founder of Thrive, the other group members identify practical solutions for the two women who are sharing their challenges. At the following action learning set, those two founders share their progress with the rest of the set, so that everyone in the group has as an opportunity to learn from their experience. This process is repeated on a monthly basis over a three-month period, until every member of the set has had the opportunity to work on their business challenges. (N.B. All Thrive members attending a Thrive Huddle must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Huddle attendees must commit to attending three Thrive Huddles. Over the course of three months, all group members have the opportunity to discuss their challenges in depth, share their progress and learn from each other. A Thrive Huddle is more than an accountability group - it is a confidential space for Thrive members to share their experiences, learn together and, as a result, make improvements to their businesses.

After the three-month period, the group members can choose to continue in that group, swap to another group, or withdraw from the action learning set initiative.

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